First Communion

First communion can and does happen at many different ages throughout congregations of the ELCA. “There is no command from our Lord regarding the age at which people should be…first communed.” (–The Use of the Means of Grace: A Statement on the Practice of Word and Sacrament). Because admission to the Sacrament is by invitation of the Lord, “baptized children begin to commune on a regular basis at a time determined through mutual conversation that includes the pastor, the child, and the parents or sponsors involved, within the accepted practices of the congregation.” Our Pastor looks forward to preparing children whose parents feel they are ready to take Holy Communion.

For more information please contact our Pastor to schedule an appointment.

Holy Communion

As we state in our Worship Bulletin each Sunday:

In Holy Communion, we recall the saving acts of God through Word, bread and wine, and in gathering at God’s family table to take part in this holy meal, we are connected with Christ and with Christians of all times and places. In this sacrament we are fed with the Body and Blood of Christ to receive forgiveness of sins and to be strengthened and renewed for service in the world. All who hunger for the presence of Christ in their lives are welcome at The Lord’s Table.

Those who wish to receive Holy Communion by means of the common cup will be ushered to the altar rail at the first table. Succeeding tables will be offered individual glasses. Grape juice, as well as wine and freshly baked bread or gluten-free wafers are available for the celebration of this sacrament. Please indicate your preference to the communion assistant as you approach the table to participate in The Lord’s Supper.