Our 1907 Austin Organ (Opus 219)

Stop Specification – Austin Organ (Opus 219)

Click to hear In Dulci Jubilo (BWV729) by J.S. Bach as played by Eric Hepp.

Choir Organ (under expression; Manual I)

8′Principal61 pipes
8′Gedeckt61 pipes
8′Dulciana61 pipes
8′Unda Maris49 pipes
4′Flauto Traverso61 pipes
8′Clarinet61 pipes
8′Trumpet (Gt)

Great Organ (Manual II)

16′Double Open Diapason61 pipes
8′Open Diapason61 pipes
8′Stopped Diapason Open61 pipes
8′Viola d’Amour61 pipes
8′Octave61 pipes
4′Hohlflute61 pipes
2′Fifteenth61 pipes
8′Trumper61 pipes

Swell Organ (under expression; Manual III)

16′Bourdon61 pipes
8′Geigen Diapason61 pipes
8′Rohrflute61 pipes
8′Viole d’Orchestra61 pipes
8′Salicional61 pipes
8′Vox Celeste61 pipes
4′Spitz Principal61 pipes
4′Flute d’Amour61 pipes
2′Octave61 pipes
1 1/3Larigot61 pipes
8′Flugel Horn61 pipes
8′Oboe61 pipes
8′Vox Humana61 pipes

Pedal Organ

16′Open Diapason32 pipes
16′Violone (Gt)
16′Bourdon32 pipes
16′Lielich Gedeckt (Sw)
8′Principal32 pipes
8′Flute13 pipes
4′Octave32 pipes
4′Flute d’Amour (Sw)
2′Super Octave (Sw)
IIMixture64 pipes
8′Trumpet (Gt)


Sw to Sw 16′Gt to Gt 16′Gt to Ped 8′
Sw to Sw 4′Gt to Gt 4′Gt to Ped 4′
Sw Unison OffGt Unison OffSw to Ped 8′
Sw to Ch 16′Sw to Gt 16′Sw to Ped 4′
Sw to Ch 4′Sw to Gt 8′Ch to Ped 8′
Sw to Ch 4′Sw to Gt 4′Ch to Ped 4′
Ch to Choir 16′Ch to Gt 16′
Ch to Ch 4′Ch to Gt 8′
Ch Unison OffCh to Gt 4′

Tonal Resources
Thirty-Four Ranks (sets of pipes) currently
Forty-Two Ranks Planned at end of phase III
1625 Pipes

Combination Action
Nine General Thumb Pistons, 3 General (Ind.) Toe Studs
Eight Thumb Pistons for each Manual Division
Four Toe Studs for Pedal Division
Crescendo Pedal, Tutti (Thumb and Toe Stud)

We are grateful to the firm of Rosenberry & Myers Organbuilders for the fine work they have done to restore and maintain our organ. Phase 1 and 1a were completed in 2008. Phase 2, awaiting completion, will restore both the Pedal 16′ reed stop and the Great Mixture IV. Phase also include the addition of a 2 2/3′ Nazard, a 2′ Flute, and an 1 3/5′ Tierce stops on the Choir division.