Sacraments & Life Events


Holy Baptism along with Holy Communion are the two sacraments in the Lutheran Church. We acknowledge that each sacrament is God’s act, God’s initiative, and God’s gift. They connects us to Jesus, the Church, and eternal life.


“In Holy Baptism, God liberates us from sin and death by joining us to the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Born children of a fallen humanity, in the baptismal waters we become God’s reborn children and inherit eternal life. By water and the Holy Spirit we are made members of the Church, which is Christ’s body. As we live with him and with his people, we grow in faith, love and obedience to God’s will.” (Lutheran Book of Worship, p. 121).

Martin Luther taught that every morning we are to rise and say, “I am baptized into Christ” and then go about our daily life inspired, guided, and empowered by our baptism as we live a life made new by Christ.

If you have any questions or desire a baptism at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, please contact the Church Office at

Holy Communion

In Holy Communion, we recall the saving acts of God through Word, bread and wine, and in gathering at God’s family table to take part in this holy meal, we are connected with Christ and with Christians of all times and places. In this sacrament we are fed with the Body and Blood of Christ to receive forgiveness of sins and to be strengthened and renewed for service in the world. All who hunger for the presence of Christ in their lives are welcome at The Lord’s Table.

Life Events

The church has long been part of important life events. As a community we walk together through these momentous occasions.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Walking with people at the time of their loved one’s death is a holy thing. Our pastor will work with you as you plan the funeral or memorial service of your loved one, spiritually accompanying you through the grieving process and with any struggles of faith you may have.


May God bless you as you begin the process of celebrating the commitment you are about to make to each other! Our church is glad to nurture and support you both on your wedding day and in your whole life together. As a congregation, we believe that “marriage is a gift of God, intended for the joy and mutual strength of those who enter it and for the well-being of the whole human family…Marriage is also a human estate, with vows publicly witnessed. The church in worship surrounds these promises with the gathering of God’s people, the witness of the word of God, and prayer of blessing and intercession.”

Weddings are not restricted to members of First Evangelical Lutheran Church. But because First Lutheran is a place of worship, a wedding celebrated by our Pastor in the church building, or elsewhere, is more than a civil ceremony. We believe God can play an important role in strengthening and enhancing your love for one another. By considering a wedding at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, we assume you are also eager to include this spiritual and faith dimension in your relationship.

Weddings are therefore a part of the public ministry of our congregation that we are happy to perform. For this reason, we require those who wish to be married here to first meet with our Pastor for at least two sessions. This will enable the Pastor to offer counsel involving any spiritual, personal, family, or community issues that may be involved in the commitment. It also enables the Pastor to introduce you to our Music Director to plan the music and logistics for your ceremony.